Hey, my name’s Talia.

I wrote a post about the need for a living wage. I got fired for it.
A lot of people talked about that. A lot of people also reached out to share their stories.

I knew before the post that people were struggling – my coworkers, my friends, and people all over the world.
I didn’t realize, however, just how many people are too scared to speak out; how many people, through one post, were given a sense of community and understanding; how important it is to remind the overworked and downtrodden that they matter and that we as a society are committed to uplifting the oppressed and giving every person equal access to basic needs.

That brings us to right now.

I’m partnering with three artists – Jackie Lea Shelley , Starline Hodge, and Jennifer Wilde – to create delicious works of art and highlight stories of struggle and perseverance.

Each story includes:
One 8×10” handmade piece created (signed and numbered out of 100)
A downloadable PDF of the 8×10

50% of proceeds go to No Kid Hungry, 50% go to the participating artists.


Questions? Want to share your story? Contact us.